How it Works & Pricing

How it works

  1. Have a look on our site and our facebook page. Decide what you’d like and complete our online booking form
  2. We will get back to you within 48 hours confirming dates and pricing. We can deliver to most venues in the south west (please see map below to see the area we cover). Standard hire is three days (day one: deliver & install, day two: event, day three: collection). Hire over a weekend includes an extra days hire for no extra charge as delivery and collection will happen on the Friday and the following Monday. 31007BE6-3208-41E3-89CA-9AF2FC206581
  3. Once we’ve sorted out the details we will send out a written confirmation and invoice with all the information you will need.
  4. After the invoice has been issued we ask for payment through Paypal within 7 days. Included in the invoice is a security deposit amount, also to be paid via Paypal. The deposit ( which will vary in amount depending on the prop hired) will be refunded within a week of the props being returned and checked over for any damage. If you prefer to pay via BACS, these details are available on request.

We try to be flexible, so please feel free to ask us if you are unsure about us being able to meet your specific needs


Pricing & Packages

All of the prices and packages listed below do not include delivery costs. Please complete the booking form for prices including delivery costs to your specific venue.

3 flowers & stand =  £200

5 flowers & stand =  £280

Ornate frame, stand & props = £40

Pallet wood signs = £30


3 flower package (hire of 3 flowers & stand, ornate frame & stand/props & signs) =  £260

5 flower package (hire of 5 flowers & stand, ornate frame & stand/props & signs) = £330

Ornate frame & pallet wood signs package = £55



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